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Dental Implants in Port Orange

Do you have missing or broken teeth? Are you embarrassed with your smile? If so, dental implants in Port Orange may be just the solution for you. Dental implants in Port Orange offer a fixed resolution to having removable complete or partial dentures. They look natural and require just about the same care as your natural teeth do.

Dental Implants in Port Orange - prosthodontics for children

What happens during the procedure?

First, x-rays and impressions are taken of the existing jaw and teeth. These will be analyzed and a determination of how your implants are going to work for you is made. The overall goal of a successful dental implant in Port Orange is an improved smile, a better sense of self-esteem, and long lasting results under normal wear conditions.

Next, an implant post will be installed into your jaw and be allowed to take some time to heal. During this time, your dental professional will build the new implant prosthetic to be as close to the original in size and appearance of the tooth being replaced. Once in awhile, it may need to be adjusted. Dental should last many, many years without any need for additional care is properly taken care of.

Is a dental implant right for you?

The best person to give you sound advice concerning dental implants in Port Orange is your prosthodontist at Envision Dental. Your dental specialist will advise you about what to expect pre and post procedure. They will explain any special care instruction and answer any questions necessary. Some people may be ineligible for a select few patients do to various conditions.

Need more information?

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