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Dental Charities

Dental Charities

A bright, healthy smile is something that all of us deserve. Regularly scheduled dentist appointments, that include an examination, x-ray, and teeth cleaning can prevent our smiles from becoming lackluster. With proper oral hygiene and dental checkups, cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease are easily avoided. Though dental care is a necessity, some people are not able to afford basic dental care for themselves or their children. This can lead to major oral hygiene issues, such as decaying or rotten teeth and gum disease. Children are more susceptible to oral hygiene issues because their teeth and the enamel that surrounds the tooth is much more sensitive than adult teeth.This can especially be seen in children that are in families that are struggling with poverty. For this reason, lowered dental expenses and Dental Charities for children are important to providing the public with the proper oral education and service they require. Envision Dental supports many dental charities and is even affiliated with Caring Communities, a program that provides dental services, as well as payment plans for those who cannot afford their dental bills. Other dental charities like, Oral Health America, Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children and Operation Smile are charities for children that can help to provide basic dental health care for those in needDental Charities | Envision Dental

National Charities

Oral Health America and Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children are both charities that work towards raising awareness to eliminate oral diseases. Through education, research, and service these charities work towards promoting oral health education for low income families or families with special needs.

Some Charities, like Operation Smile, provide surgery for more extreme dental cases. Operation Smile donates free reconstructive surgery for those children born with Cleft Palates. Without these surgeries, these children will have trouble speaking, eating, and may even have problems socializing. Charities and cheap dental care can be hard to find, but with a little hard work and resourcefulness, you will find that there are many ways to provide dental care for your children and at a lower cost or even free.

Community Care

If routine dental checkups just don’t fit into the budget right now, volunteer groups and charities are wonderful places to take your children for dental work. Other places that provide dental work at a lower rate are Community Centers and Free Clinics. You can check the U.S. Department of Health and Human services to find a community center near you.

Another charity, Mission For Mercy, provides dental work and free clinics from volunteers and dentists. You can find out if your state sponsors this charity by going to The National Association of Free Clinics online. This resource will help you to find what types of free clinics are in your area and if they do or do not provide dental work. Dental Charities | Envision Dental

If you are not comfortable getting your children’s dental work at these places or organizations, Envision Dental can provide the best care at the most affordable price.

Caring Communities

At Envision Dental, we offer our patients CareCredit, a program that is offered through the Caring Communities Association. With this CareCredit, our patients are able to pay for dental work or surgeries that may not be normally covered by their insurance. CareCredit then donates money to one of Caring Communities featured charities, Give Kids A Smile. This charity provides dental care to underserved children. Dental volunteers donate their time and services to educate and provide screenings and treatments for children all around the United States. If your child is in need of a check up, please feel free to contact Envision Dental so we can help you and your child get the dental treatment you deserve.Dental Charities | Envision Dental