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Missing teeth can really affect the way we live our lives. Many people don’t smile as brightly or laugh as loudly due to the embarrassment of missing teeth. If you find yourself wanting to restore your smile back to the way it was and get back to life, you should consult with a prosthodontist in Port Orange. Envision Dental features some of the most skilled prosthodontists in the area and each and every one of them will show you compassionate and understanding care.

What does a prosthodontist in Port Orange do?

Prosthodontists specialize in the restoration of missing or broken teeth using prosthetic devices such as dentures, implants, crowns, and veneers. Hence the name prosth-odontics. Prosthodontists in Port Orange, as do all of them at Envision Dental, understand each of their patients needs and concerns. We take every measure possible to help ensure you have a pleasant and relaxed experience.

Prosthodontic services offered at Envision Dental

Some of the most common “dental” procedures such as crowns are actually performed by a prosthodontist. Other such services include:

All of these procedures start with an initial consultation. You can schedule yours by calling (386) 256-4786 or by filling out the form found on this page. Once you meet our prosthodontist, they will make an initial examination and this may also include x-rays and impressions. Then depending on the procedure things like installing titanium studs as is the case for dental implants. Veneers and dentures are painstakingly formed and worked into beautiful dental replacements and enhancements.

Aftercare and maintenance information will always be offered and follow up appointments may be necessary to facilitate readjustments and modifications. Our prosthodontists will answer any questions you may have and will offer their help whenever you have a question.

If you are looking for a great prosthodontist in Port Orange, let Envision Dental and our professional dental staff take care of your needs. Our doctors and physicians have extensive experience in the dental field and hold various licenses and certifications in many fields of dentistry.

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