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Good News About Porcelain Onlays In Port Orange

There may come a time when you sustain damage to your teeth, due to decay, weakened tooth structure, or by other means and you will want the tooth or teeth to be conserved. Until recently, this usually meant you would need to have a crown to repair the tooth. Now onlays and inlays are gaining favor for repairing tooth damage, and in some cases are preferable to crowns. If you are considering or need dental restoration, be sure to gather as much information as you can about Porcelain Onlays in Port Orange before you proceed!

Why An Onlay May Be A Better Choice Than A Crown

Porcelain Onlays In Port OrangeIf you aren’t familiar with onlays, they function much like a crown, but they do not cover the entire tooth. In preparation for an onlay placement, a tooth only needs to have the decay or damaged part of the tooth removed, the remainder of the tooth stays the way it is. The onlay is then created to fit perfectly onto the tooth, making it “whole” again. When a crown is made, the tooth must be ground, or cut down to a nub for the crown to fit over it, covering the entire tooth structure. Keeping as much of the original tooth structure as possible is ideal, in the event the restoration fails or needs to be replaced due to years of wear. The more tooth structure that remains, the easier the replacement will be. If there is not enough tooth for a new restoration, the tooth must the be pulled. So if an onlay is a viable choice, it may be a better one than a crown. Onlays can be crafted from composite material, gold, and porcelain. Most people like porcelain as it looks most natural and is long lasting.

Just How Long Will A Porcelain Onlay Last?

Restorations of all kinds will probably need to be replaced over time due to normal wear. You can expect the following restorations to last approximately the listed number of years:

  • Composite Fillings- 5 to 7 years
  • Silver Amalgam- 12 years
  • Crowns- 10-15 years
  • Porcelain Onlays- 20-30 years

Although these are only averages, you can see that the porcelain onlays are very durable and can be expected to last for decades. The onlays are crafted by a professional in a dental lab, then permanently cemented onto the existing tooth. They are strong and also aesthetically pleasing.
If you need a restoration on one or more of your teeth, onlays may work well for you. For quality Porcelain Onlays in Port Orange, visit the dental professionals at Envision Dental. Getting an onlay is a simple procedure involving two visits. The first visit will include the collecting of impressions of the tooth and surrounding area so that a perfect onlay can be created. Then the tooth will be be prepared by removing any decay and previous restoration material. A temporary onlay will be placed so you will be able to eat and drink and the tooth will be protected until your onlay is finished.

On your second visit, the porcelain onlay will be cemented in and your bite will be adjusted if necessary. You are then free to enjoy your beautiful smile for years to come! Envision Dental looks forward to seeing you!