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What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis, is a chronic bacterial infection. Gum disease is caused by plaque, which creates toxins that damage the gums. In the initial stages of the disease, gums can become red, swollen and bleed easily. 

However, some patients have no symptoms at all. If the condition worsens, gums and bone that support the teeth can become seriously damaged and the teeth can become loose, fall out or have to be removed.(1)

How do I know if I have gum disease?

Most patients don’t realize the signs of gum disease and symptoms are not painful, so gum disease often goes undetected or ignored until severe gum and bone destruction catches an individual’s attention. Other signs can include “pink in the sink” – traces of blood when you brush or floss, gums that are red or swollen, and bad breath. Read more about gum disease causes here.

How do you get gum disease?

Gum disease has several risk factors: smoking, age, genetics, gender, and ethnicity all are important indicators. Since gum disease is a bacterial infection, it is also communicable – meaning a person with gum disease can pass the infection to others.

How prevalent is gum disease in the United States?

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, the condition affects 85 percent of American adults aged 18 and older and moderate to severe forms of gum disease affect 74 percent of the adult population.(2) Although experts vary in their estimation of the prevalence of gum disease, it is clearly one of the most common conditions in the United States. Fifty out of every 100 adult Americans have moderate to severe gum disease, 40 out of the 50 do not know it, and fewer than two of them will get treated before it’s too late.3

What is the traditional treatment option for periodontal disease?

Gum disease can be mild, moderate and severe. It also can be localized to one area of the mouth or generalized spread throughout the mouth. 

Traditional treatment options for mild disease is a deep cleaning, where the patient is anesthetized prior to this cleaning.

Moderate and Advanced periodontal disease stages have two treatment options: A traditional Surgery (after the deep cleaning) and a scalpel free laser procedure.

The traditional option involves the surgery concepts that we are all familiar with. Trimming of the gums and bone infected before suturing, and sometimes addition of bone grafts to fill defects. Our Periodontist at Envision Dental is an expert on this procedure. This traditional approach is a ressective treatment where the diseased tissues are removed either because they didn’t respond to conventional therapy or because the disease had spread too much further into the tissues.

The Scalpel Free, Laser Option is called LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

It is not a ressective surgery. It treats and neutralizes the infections and most of the time the patients end up with more and healthier tissues. In some instances we even notice bone regeneration where the patient’s own bone fills the gaps without grafts.  

What is the LANAP protocol?

The LANAP protocol, a laser periodontitis treatment, is the first and only specific periodontal protocol to receive FDA clearance for “true regeneration” and has been in widespread use by the dental community for many years. The LANAP protocol is typically performed in a dentist’s office under local anesthesia. 

Prior to the procedure, the dentist does a periodontal charting and takes X-rays to make a paper diagnosis and determine the extent of the disease . A tiny laser fiber is inserted between the tooth and the gum, and the infection and disease are cleared away without cutting the gums. 

The tooth roots are then thoroughly cleaned  and the laser is used again with a different setting to create a stable, firm blood clot to seal the pocket. The dentist treats one half of the patient’s mouth at each session or the whole mouth in one day.

What are the benefits of the LANAP® protocol in the treatment of gum disease? AND Who is a candidate for LANAP laser surgery?

Patients with moderate-to-severe gum disease can especially benefit from the LANAP protocol. The LANAP protocol is an excellent treatment option for patients who are fearful of conventional scalpel surgery. Oral sedation is also available if patients are anxious.

Do I have to stop taking my medication for LANAP laser surgery?

Because of the unique properties of the PerioLase laser wavelength, patients on blood thinners or with aspirin regimens do not have to stop taking any medications. Smoking is extremely discouraged. This would be a great time to quit!!!

Some of the primary benefits of LANAP laser surgery as compared to traditional surgery are:

  • Less pain
  • Less bleeding
  • Less sensitivity
  • Less gum loss
  • Less swelling
  • Very little downtime after treatment
  • Less Post-op infections
  • Promotes regeneration of supporting gum tissues
  • Healing is perceived to be faster and more comfortable than conventional surgery

Who can perform the LANAP® protocol to treat patients with gum disease?

Only LANAP certified dentists can perform the LANAP protocol.

What should I expect after LANAP treatment?

After LANAP treatment, your gums may be sore for a few days. Generally, the discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen. Opioids are rarely needed.  You will be on a liquid/soft diet for two weeks to help keep your teeth stable during initial healing.  Bone can continue to regenerate for 18 months through 3 years.  During this time your LANAP clinician will schedule regular visits to adjust your bite and check your healing progress.

What training does my LANAP trained doctor have?

All dentists certified to perform the technique are required to complete Laser BootCamp®, a comprehensive hands-on, dentist-to-dentist training at the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (IALD).

This training ensures that doctors are skilled and competent to perform the LANAP protocol on live patients upon return to their clinical practice offices. Laser BootCamp represents the training curriculum to be completed over a one-year period. At the conclusion of all days of training, the clinician is awarded a LANAP Proficiency certificate.

Can any laser be used for the LANAP protocol?

Only the PerioLase MVP-7 is designed to support the parameters of the LANAP protocol. If your dentist does not have the PerioLase MVP-7, then your dentist cannot perform LANAP surgery.

Will insurance companies cover the LANAP protocol?

Like with any disease condition, insurance companies usually have coverage for treatment. Periodontal disease treatment is covered by most insurance carriers, but varies by carrier and clinician. Speak with your doctor about your coverage plan.

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Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder
21:21 06 Aug 20
Thank you Dr. Bowers and the entire Envision Staff. I was asked by Savannah if I’d had a cleaning and of course my... answer was yes, after receiving Savannah’s cleaning I realized I had not had a cleaning, at least one like the one I received today. It was by far the most thorough cleaning I have ever had. Additionally, Savannah took the time to show me the things I was doing incorrectly that led to the issues I was having and how to avoid them in the future. I’ve been doing it wrong all along, and had no idea. No one had ever told/ showed me this. Savannah physically showed me how to do this, Didnt just explain, that was a great method that is sure to give us the desired results. Dr Bowers follow up included a plan to continue on the right path, and made me feel better about learning I was never shown the proper way, I saw my mouth in a different light today, quite enlightening, and Very educational, I don’t recall learning any of this at my prior visits to other dentists. I was impressed the beautiful office and friendly staff who all participated in my visit. I can’t wait for my next visit? I honestly can’t, who says that? Thank you Dr. Bowers and team for this plan for the best oral health possible! Sincerely, Dan Snyderread more
Heather Elamon
Heather Elamon
21:44 09 Jul 20
The staff are always so caring and sweet. Very informative and patient. I have high anxiety when dealing with dental... procedures and they're always so helpful and accommodating. Dr. Bowers is seriously the best. She's so sweet and attentive. I am so thankful for everyone at Envision Dental!read more
Lee Noga
Lee Noga
23:09 06 Jul 20
I have severe PTSD from a cervical injection medical procedure accident that went wrong temporary paralyzing me from... ears down. I required cpr and assisted breathing until transport to hospital. Dr. Bowers came up with 9 hour treatment plan and medication sedation with nitrous over 2 visits. She built a team of top notch dental assistants, support staff, counselor, admin support ,oral surgeon and of course her part doing 3 crowns etc. It went flawless. I remember nothing. The attention to detail for patient comfort is the best care I ever recieved. The amount of staff time preparing and achieving case treatment goals is A+++++++ . A bed side manner we rarely experience. Dr. Bowers ability to handle high anxiety patients is a blessing to have in Central Fla. The entire practice has this zen and warmth vibe that carries thru to the end of your case. Dr. Bowers and her highly skilled staff gave me my smile back. They won my trust, and managed to not trigger my PTSD delivering the best dental care and comfort. They went above and beyond to protect and ensure I was physically and emotionally safe.read more
Brenda Lear
Brenda Lear
23:22 25 Jun 20
Had my first cleaning since Covid 19 lockdown. The best yet and I have been going to this dentist for years. Their... very....I am sure....expensive equipment now installed to secure our safety was remarkable!!! As is the careful procedure to make sure each patient was never in touch with another. Well done Envision!read more
Stephanie Iseman
Stephanie Iseman
15:15 24 Jun 20
I called too see if the can pull a Tooth yes but we need to have anpointment 1 st no am in pain can’t u do it on the... same day. The ladie like only if she feels comfortable pulling it like what’s that mean I pay u. You pull it.read more
mike long
mike long
17:43 18 Mar 20
I was referred to Envision Dental by my buddy Congo, and he said they were the best. So I came here for my cleaning... and he was right!!! Excellent staff, Beth took great care of me and Dr Bowers is Awesome. So I scheduled the rest of the family and my wife and daughters had their teeth cleaned by Savanah who was equally as professional and as thorough. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a great Dentist!!!read more
17:43 06 Feb 20
I called this office at the advise of my coworkers. I was looking for a new dentist for my entire family. My original... contact was with Katrina, she was the kindest and most compassionate person I have spoken to in a dental office or really any offices. When I arrived to the beautifully decorated office, the compassion did not end with Katrina. Every person we had contact with was non judgmental and friendly. We have had 3 appointments so far, and each of our experiences were amazing. We have had both Savanah and Beth as our hygienists, and they were just as amazing. Then it came time to see Dr. Bowers, she made me feel like she had known me for years and I was family. I have already told everyone that they should give this office a try! I am not one for writing reviews, but this office and its staff all REALLY deserve mention!read more
Johanna Itani
Johanna Itani
23:02 03 Feb 20
I cannot say enough about Dr. Aline Bowers and her staff, they are absolutely amazing and top on excellence in their... over all work ! I could not ask for better dental care as well as friendliness and just sincerity in all they do. It’s like having a family just for your teeth. April, Lisa, Katrina, Malinda and Macy are really and truly awesome. You ladies Rock ! Let’s not forget Dr. Craighead the oral surgeon, he is especially professional and knowledgeable as they all are.read more
Ryan Hickman
Ryan Hickman
18:14 29 Jan 20
Let me start by saying I DO NOT like going to the dentist. This was by far the best visit I’ve ever had. The honest... yet personable approach was amazing. From start to finish I’m impressed and I’m not as scared to go to the dentist any more.read more
Morgan S
Morgan S
17:24 10 Jan 20
Dr.Bowers and the entire staff at Envision Dental are so kind, and patient! The level of care I get here is better then... anywhere I’ve ever been! If you are looking for an honest, trustworthy and very skilled dentist I would highly recommend coming to Envision!read more
21:33 08 Jan 20
I have been treating with Dr. Bowers At Envision Dental for a few years now. The office is clean and inviting. The... staff is welcoming and very friendly. Dr. Bowers is very professional but she also listens to the patient’s concerns. She was able to adjust and change my treatment schedule to work with my daughter‘s wedding. I highly recommend Envision Dental.read more
Teri Bonaccorso
Teri Bonaccorso
20:48 08 Jan 20
After searching for a reputable honest clean and reliable dentist - I found Dr. Bowers at envision thought close friend... and family! What an amazing experience ❤️. The staff is just fabulous patient courteous and efficient. The office is A+ clean bright and everyone shines when your there! A true high quality professional dentist with your personal needs are their top priority ⭐read more
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